Black Coffee Recipe | The Best Black Coffee Recipe

By: Parag Prajapati

Image source: Pexel

1 cup Water 1 tsp Instant Coffee (adjust) 1 tsp Brown Sugar

Black coffee benefits: Black coffee helps in weight loss Help to Reduce Stress  Boosts energy levels 


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Use any brand of instant coffee powder that you like to make instant coffee. I am using Nescafe.


Put some water in a saucepan. Bring it up to a rolling boil. After turning off the heat, give it a minute.


In a serving cup, combine brown sugar and instant coffee. You can omit the sugar if you don't like your coffee to be sweet.


First, add a small amount of hot water, and thoroughly dissolve the coffee in the sugar. This is easily beaten until it becomes frothy.


Add additional water and stir thoroughly. Serve immediately.